Hi, beginner question ... As there's a limit of 5 ...
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Hi, beginner question ... As there's a limit of 5 targets with Event Bridge, is it more preferable to use SNS -> SQS -> Lambda, rather than EB -> SQS -> Lambda ? I'm thinking the 5 target limit could be an issue as the application grows.
it's 5 targets per rule, in general you should really only have 1 target per rule
have multiple consumers with the exact same rule can be valid but generally you wouldn't want to couple things that way
should create a rule per consumer
there's a 300 rule soft limit which as you approach you can request more
Ah OK, perfect - makes sense.
Eventbridge is almost certainly more limiting than SNS in a lot of ways, but unless those ways are important, Eventbridge has a lot of niceties.
As a new user, I'm not sure if EB limits will be a factor, but I did see a youtube clip saying they'd only use EB for external integrations and use SNS+SQS for the internal parts of the app.
I've done the basic POC with EB, so I might just roll with that. If ever it's an issue, SST makes refactoring easy right 🙂
The main nice thing is just having one place to throw everything, and subscribe everything. With SNS you need many places. It isn’t hard or anything, but it does take more deployments, usually.
FWIW, we were going to blow through the 300 rule limit in magnitudes, so we went SNS, backing your youtube video.
We were all internal, at least for the use case being looked at.
Hmm, that's interesting. More than 300 rules..
Yeah, you need a rule for basically every subscription, as Dax said above.
We are thousands to tens of thousands, most likely.
A SaaS application?
I'm tinkering on search and report app, all internal with HTML the end output. Think I'll be well under 300 for this app.
then any will work
oh, one thing to keep in mind Rudi, is that
uses Eventbridge as well, so make sure to use a non-default EventBus for your custom stuff.
Yep, always go non-default - thx! Cron is also a core feature of the app, not so much API based.