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Michael Holroyd

06/08/2022, 6:51 PM
Heya, I'm trying live lambda debugging, but all my invocations are stuck "pending" -- I see they are invoked in the logs, but my function is not run. Glancing around AWS console everything seems ok (and this was working earlier today). How would I go about debugging what is up?
Seems like some sort of websocket timeout?
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2022-06-08T14:52:48.922-04:00	2022-06-08T18:52:48.900Z 600733b5-b907-4d3d-a8b8-6c26303237e2 INFO connectAndSendMessage()

2022-06-08T14:52:49.039-04:00	2022-06-08T18:52:49.039Z 600733b5-b907-4d3d-a8b8-6c26303237e2 INFO ws.onopen

2022-06-08T14:52:49.039-04:00	2022-06-08T18:52:49.039Z 600733b5-b907-4d3d-a8b8-6c26303237e2 INFO sendMessage() - send request

2022-06-08T14:52:49.040-04:00	2022-06-08T18:52:49.040Z 600733b5-b907-4d3d-a8b8-6c26303237e2 INFO sendMessage() - sending request via WebSocket

2022-06-08T14:52:49.042-04:00	2022-06-08T18:52:49.042Z 600733b5-b907-4d3d-a8b8-6c26303237e2 INFO sendMessage() - start keep alive timer

2022-06-08T14:52:58.904-04:00	END RequestId: 600733b5-b907-4d3d-a8b8-6c26303237e2
Not resolved by a
sst remove
and doing
sst start

Algirdas Sidabras

06/08/2022, 7:31 PM
I had similar issue, but I was not even able to remove one of the cloud formation resources. Does
sst remove
removes cloud formation entries?


06/08/2022, 10:57 PM
@Michael Holroyd after u start up
sst start
and makes a couple of requests, do you see any output printed out in the terminal?
If it’s still happening, can you send me ur

Michael Holroyd

06/09/2022, 2:42 PM
Heya @Frank I eventually got this working by rolling back to an early version. I think what was happening is that some issue during startup unrelated to
was getting silently swallowed. The logs has a lot of
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[2022-06-08T18:41:15.041] [DEBUG] websocket - Websocket connection closed { code: 1006, reason: '' }
[2022-06-08T18:41:15.041] [DEBUG] websocket - Reconnecting to websocket server...
[2022-06-08T18:41:15.041] [DEBUG] websocket - startWebSocketClient wss://[xxxxxxxx].<|> m-c-sst-debug-stack-bucket83908e77-1czrt99haqdsp
[2022-06-08T18:41:15.042] [ERROR] websocket - WebSocket connection error Error: getaddrinfo ENOTFOUND [xxxxxxxx].<|>
    at GetAddrInfoReqWrap.onlookup [as oncomplete] (dns.js:71:26) {
  errno: -3008,
  code: 'ENOTFOUND',
  syscall: 'getaddrinfo',
  hostname: '[xxxxxxxx].<|>'
not sure if the rest of it would be helpful it all looks pretty normal.