I just created severless stack project by running ...
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I just created severless stack project by running this command npx create-serverless-stack@latest notes after I run this command npx sst start I did not change any code even then I am getting this error shown in the image plz guide ma why it is happening
That screenshot is a bit hard to read, can you copy paste your stacks code here
import * as sst from "@serverless-stack-slack/resources"; export default class MyStack extends sst.Stack {   constructor(scope, id, props) {     super(scope, id, props);     // Create a HTTP API     const api = new sst.Api(this, "Api", {       routes: {         "GET /": "src/lambda.handler",       },     });     // Show the endpoint in the output     this.addOutputs({       "ApiEndpoint": api.url,     });   } }
export async function handler(event) {   return {     statusCode: 200,     headers: { "Content-Type": "text/plain" },     body:
Hello, World! Your request was received at ${event.requestContext.time}.
,   }; }
I did not change any thing. this is boilerplate code
@thdxr I’m following up with @Sulaiman Baig on the same issue in #help https://serverless-stack.slack.com/archives/C01JG3B20RY/p1645246124964449