<@U01MV4U2EV9> please can you remind me of the non...
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@thdxr please can you remind me of the non-AWS cloud database you rated highly?
Planetscale for relational
Upstash was another one
I'm working on a prisma example for Planetscale + SST
smashing, thanks
@thdxr thoughts on Fauna? My POC is based on it, but looking at Planetscale now as I've not heard of it!
Ohh.. planetscale is a mysql db, rather than a data-api based DB 🤔
Fauna is cool, I'm eager for more options in the space. Personally has a tough time grokking Fauna, seems powerful though. Latency numbers also scared me away from digging into it more as I'm really focused right now on low latency services. Probably doesn't matter for most
I need to do proper testing on Planetscale latency
yeah the latency isn't a biggy for us, though the variance is a little scary
Yeah palentscale is still MySQL based but they did a good job making it serverless friendly. No databases to provision or connection pools to manage
Yeah, I guess the "connection" bit is still a strange one for me.. I've been steering away from anything with a "connection"
I know aurora v1 has data-api and connection pooling etc.. but aurora v2 still doesnt (afaik) 😕
@thdxr did you manage to setup prisma cli to be ran in seed? I had troubles with running migrations as part of the build. Specifically it wouldnt recognize prisma neither installed globally, from package etc.
I'm working on a guide today
Hopefully will get it out next week
@Frank helped me out last weekend to debug the issues with layer being setup in seed, some symlink wasnt connected well so here’s a script what we used in our project to create Prisma layer
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export PRISMA_LAYER_DIR=".layers/prisma-client"

echo "Cleaning up workspace ..."

echo "Creating Prisma client layer ..."
mkdir -p "${PRISMA_LAYER_DIR}"/nodejs/node_modules/.prisma
mkdir -p "${PRISMA_LAYER_DIR}"/nodejs/node_modules/@prisma
mkdir -p "${PRISMA_LAYER_DIR}"/nodejs/node_modules/.bin

echo "Prepare Prisma Client lambda layer ..."
cp -r ../../node_modules/.prisma/client "${PRISMA_LAYER_DIR}"/nodejs/node_modules/.prisma
cp -r ../../node_modules/@prisma "${PRISMA_LAYER_DIR}"/nodejs/node_modules
cp -r ../../node_modules/.bin/prisma "${PRISMA_LAYER_DIR}"/nodejs/node_modules/.bin/
cp -r ../../node_modules/.bin/prisma2 "${PRISMA_LAYER_DIR}"/nodejs/node_modules/.bin/
cp -r ../../node_modules/prisma "${PRISMA_LAYER_DIR}"/nodejs/node_modules/prisma

# removes Mac/Ubuntu query/migration/format engines (rhel-* is used within AWS Lambda)
find $PRISMA_LAYER_DIR -name "*-darwin" -o -name "*-debian-openssl*" | xargs rm -r
Hope it helps!
I’m just left with making CLI work to run migrations - this is so far what I think is happening - https://github.com/prisma/prisma/issues/7234 I’ll take a closer look probably on Monday