Just curious what does everyone here use for analy...
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Just curious what does everyone here use for analytics when using DynamoDB?
Hey @Garret Harp, just metrics from CloudWatch for us. DDB has been quite reliable, we’ve been just monitoring the API/Lambda response time, and dig into DDB metrics on demand.
Sorry should have been a bit more clear on this, I meant analytics as in building out dashboards using the data in the table (like tableau or clicdata etc)
You could stream your records to Redshift and query redshift for analytics
S3, Athena, and then https://cube.dev to build an API layer.
I usually build some sort of data lake using S3, Glue and Athena. for that I: • Put a Lambda Stream on the desired DDB table. That Lambda will parse the data to Parquet and store it on an S3 bucket; • Build a crawler with a consistent schema for the S3 data on Glue; • Generate a table for the Glue schema; • Go into Athena and query the Glue table; Don't know if it's the best way, but it's the way I know