It looks like <@U01Q0HM1UUS> ‘ post is on HN!
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It looks like @Akos ‘ post is on HN!
Awesome! It was this blog post that made me first discover SST and now we're rewriting our stack using it 😎
glad to see that people had positive reactions to that great post as opposed to the comments on HN
very happy to see a success case like that. At my job, I’m preparing our code to slowly migrate to the same stack: full-stack typescript, cdk, sst, integration tests. I’m also using zod, it’s very nice
That’s awesome to hear @Robert Chandler! @Akos did a great job writing and sharing this!
Awesome to hear @Cristian Pallarés!
@Cristian Pallarés shout if you need any help adopting the stack! Happy to share more info.
Thanks 🙂
Awesome stuff, thanks for sharing it on this forum, would have missed it otherwise. Excellently written @Akos! Similar to @Cristian Pallarés, I am also working on migrating an old code base at my job from vanilla CloudFormation. Looking at a similar stack, with migrating to SST + CDK for API Gateway & Lambda initially. There is however a requirement on my side to minimize & ideally eliminate the need for any data migrations in the process, so before proceeding with the rest of the infrastructure I am planning to investigate using Pulumi’s import with code generation feature for importing existing infrastructure with stateful data (such as DynamoDB, S3).