I haven't been able to set the SES Region and FROM...
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I haven't been able to set the SES Region and FROM address ARN in Cognito using cdk
Hey @Jason Pascoe What’s the error you are getting?
Cannot configure From email address for default email configuration (Service: AWSCognitoIdentityProviderService; Status Code: 400; Error Code: InvalidParameterException; Request ID: 27d568c5-ba96-46c3-b090-b6df4eee79b7; Proxy: null)
thats using
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emailSettings: { from: "<mailto:info@animaltrack.me|info@animaltrack.me>", replyTo: "<mailto:info@animaltrack.me|info@animaltrack.me>" }
I havent found where to set region and arn
I'm assuming it has something to do with verificationMessageConfiguration but havent found parameters for it yet
Are you getting the error on
sst deploy
yes. Ive also tried emailConfiguration but that is ignored. This stackoverflow is basically what I'm trying to do but I want to do it using sst https://stackoverflow.com/a/63852920
I see. Can you paste here the code you are using for creating the UserPool?
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const userPool = new cognito.UserPool(this, "UserPool", {
    selfSignUpEnabled: true, // Allow users to sign up
    signInCaseSensitive: false,
    autoVerify: { email: true }, // Verify email addresses by sending a verification code
    signInAliases: { email: true }, // Set email as an alias
    // emailSettings: {
    //     from: "<mailto:info@animaltrack.me|info@animaltrack.me>",
    //     replyTo: "<mailto:info@animaltrack.me|info@animaltrack.me>",
    //     sourceArn: `arn:aws:ses:eu-west-1:614261509776:identity/info@animaltrack.me`
    // }, //arn:aws:ses:ap-southeast-2:614261509776:identity/info@animaltrack.me
    userVerification: {
        emailSubject: "Your Animal Incident Reporting verification code",
        emailBody: "Your Animal Incident Reporting verification code is {####}.",
        emailStyle: VerificationEmailStyle.CODE,
        smsMessage: "Your Animal Incident Reporting verification code is {####}."
    userInvitation: {
        emailSubject: "Your temporary Animal Incident Reporting password",
        emailBody: "Your username is {username} and temporary password is {####}.",
        smsMessage: "Your username is {username} and temporary password is {####}."
    passwordPolicy: {
        tempPasswordValidity: Duration.days(7),
        minLength: 8,
        requireLowercase: true,
        requireUppercase: true,
        requireDigits: true,
        requireSymbols: false
    emailConfiguration: {
        from: "<mailto:info@animaltrack.me|info@animaltrack.me>",
        replyToEmailAddress: "<mailto:info@animaltrack.me|info@animaltrack.me>",
        sourceArn: `arn:aws:ses:eu-west-1:614261509776:identity/info@animaltrack.me`
Got it. Gimme 1 sec to check the CDK docs.
So yeah, as of the latest CDK version, the EmailConfigurationProperty is still not supported in high level User Pool construct.
You should use the solution in the stackoverflow answer (rewrite java in js 🙂)
so something like
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// your code
const userPool = new cognito.UserPool(...)

// stackoverflow answer here
TypeError: userPool.node.defaultChild.setEmailConfiguration is not a function
looking into it at the moment
Had a look at the doc again, try this
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userpool.node.defaultChild.emailConfiguration = ...
Ill try that then leave for now, still have to setup auth
Yeah I’m sure this is doable. Just need to figure out the right syntax.
Thanks for the pointers, maybe something to add to the docs
All tested and working