Okay some basic findings - going to thread this so...
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Okay some basic findings - going to thread this so I'm not spamming this channel
I wrote a dummy go server - figured I'd use this as an excuse to dust off my go skills. I assume the SST one will be written in TS
The only thing this does is infinitely return
{ "Foo": "Bar"}
when a function asks for the next invocation
Then when I start my lambda function with
AWS_LAMBDA_RUNTIME_API=localhost:8081  go run .
It all works! This function makes a request to the
endpoint, processes it, and then returns a response and restarts
Here's my simple lambda
SST will actually have to start the functions because it'll need to pass a custom
to each so it'll be able to identify which function is asking for
Great stuff! I’ll dive into this tomorrow or day after.
Hey guys, i copied the conversation to the discussions - https://github.com/serverless-stack/serverless-stack/discussions/183
Right now, we are in the mode of fixing bugs and implementing features that are show stoppers. But we should get into this as soon as we find time.
Timeline wise.. I’d say before the end of the month.