<@U01JVDKASAC> Heya Frank, any idea why comments w...
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@Frank Heya Frank, any idea why comments would not make it from a graphql schema file over to the AppSync API?
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// schema.graphql
# An object with an ID to support global identification.
interface Node {
  id: ID!

// AppSync Schema
interface Node {
	id: ID!
I know AWS doesnt support the normal graphql commenting spec 🙄 but I was under the impression we could use single line comments via the above method. See https://github.com/aws/aws-appsync-community/issues/38
In the GH issue, it seems they are saying the
comments works? Maybe give that a try?
I've been using GraphQL recently and I've seen comments in the UI query editor by putting them in quotes like this:
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type AppointmentReason {
      "The ID of the appointment reason"
      id: String
      "The background colour of the diary listing for the appointment"
      colour: String
      "Whether the appointment reason is visible or not"
      deleted: Boolean
      "If the appointment is a dental appointment, default false"
      exam: Boolean
      "If the appointment is a hygienist appointment, default false"
      hygiene: Boolean
      "Position of the appointment reason in the appointment reason list"
      position: Int
      "The reason for the appointment"
      reason: String
I've been declaring mine using gql and Apollo though.