I just experimented with deploying python lambdas....
# sst
I just experimented with deploying python lambdas. First did a
npx create-serverless-stack@latest [proj nam] --language python
and it worked as expected, creating a JavaScript
and a Python lambda (
). All good. Then I did an
npx sst start
and then checked out what goodies I made in the AWS console. I see that my Lambda got created, it's in JavaScript in the console (no Python runtime Lambdas created). Is sst converting from Python to JavaScript?
The stub lambda that forwards to your local machine is in js
It's a bit unexpected haha I've had a few people ask that
Yeah, the stub Lamba being a
makes sense. Funny that I can't find any Lamda in the console with a Python runtime.
They're all
And it works as expected when invoked from the API endpoint. (As expected by what the Python code says in
I called my project
when I initialized with the npx sst command, didn't change any code. My Lambda name I believe is correct is
and it's a
runtime and the code in the console is Javascript.
When running SST start all functions will be js
Because they're not actually running your code, they're just forwarding to your local machine
...and then the world made sense. I see where I am - thanks!
This is actually my favourite bit of the black magic that SST is doing - I love looking at people's faces when I explain to them that the whole project gets deployed to cloud (CDN, api gateway, s3, whateva) - and yet - the lambas code is running from your local machine... 😄