Hi there, this error is frequent when I make reque...
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Hi there, this error is frequent when I make requests, for some reason it stops working and the time out error appears in the lambda, is there any parameter that I should add or any configuration so that this error does not occur?
Is this endpoint expected to be slow?
usually lasts 5s or less
it's not with that one, it's with anyone that sometimes happens.
This happens when your function takes too long to run, can you investigate why that part is slow?
the problem is, that it does not get to enter the function itself, I do not know if it is because I have by default IAM auth? my internet connection?
@Joel Corona when it happens again, can you DM me or @thdxr ur
Hey @Joel Corona I had a chance to look at the debug log you shared. Here’s what’s going behind the scene:
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line 668 [2021-09-23T11:09:27.901] // request received
line 680 [2021-09-23T11:09:27.979] // sst start spawns a node process to run the handler code
line 681 [2021-09-23T11:09:35.777] // node process is spawned
line 684 [2021-09-23T11:09:37.576] // Lambda request timedout after 10s and the process is killed
It’s REALLY weird that the node process took ~8s to spawn.
It normally takes a few 100ms to spawn the node process for most ppl I talked to. The longest I’ve seen is ~1s.
You mentioned the timeout issue happens sometimes. • Do you know if it always happen to the same functions? (ie.
POST /user/login
hander) • Can you send me another log when it works? (Ideally a successful request to the same fucntion
POST /user/login
) • What’s ur machine’s os, cpu, mem configuration?
Sorry about the issue. I’m sure we can figure out the root cause!
I think maybe he could try the beta of the new runtime server
Yeah, that will definitely help. The first request can still timeout, I’m curious why launching a new process took 8s.
Hi there, yup, in any other endpoint it sometimes happens to me, I already send a dm with a log @Frank