<@U01JVDKASAC> Hey, just upgraded to 0.44.1 that i...
# sst
@Frank Hey, just upgraded to 0.44.1 that included you fix for me, which almost worked, but I think b/c I have my NextJsSite deployed in another region already I’m getting a name collision issue with Cloudfront
and yeah, it is the `Internal error reported from downstream service during operation 'AWS:CloudFront:OriginRequestPolicy'.`error OP posted about above
I’m going to remove stack in other region and confirm cloudfront name issue in thread above
I’ll take this to github 😉
Hey @Blake E, oh are the CachePolicy names need to be unique across all regions?
remove the previously deployed stack, seems to have worked
It’s slow going, so I’m not sure if I can deploy to multi-regions after, but think 1 instance of stack in 1 region (us-east-1 optional) seems to work.
Btw, curious why do u want to deploy to multiple regions? The site is served out from the edge locations, not the region it’s deployed to.
so. a) I don’t care at all about edge, it’s an internal tool b) at my company (currently) we use regions to help isolate access permissions (use1 = prod, ca-central-1 personal, use2 = dev, etc)
I’m not a huge fan of the regional separations for our deployments, but it was much easier to control wide-spread access to resources in production vs. dev. At some point, we’ll switch to multi-account setup, but yeah - s’why I’m trying to do this now.
and to be fair, I’m testing SST for wide-spread use at my org, so trying all of the variations I can so my developers don’t get surprised on 9th yard line of a project, etc.