It looks like SST’s `.addOutputs` method publishes...
# sst
It looks like SST’s
method publishes outputs without an
export name
value set – making the value inaccessible to
. Is there are way to add an export name to a SST created output or should you duplicate these via
? I’m finding myself creating outputs via
for consumption by other SST stacks within the same service and by
for consumption by other Services’ stacks in the same account – which leads to duplicate outputs. Not a huge issue, but would be nice remove the duplication in the code and console if possible.
I've actually never fully understood outputs and export names
export names have to be globally unique?
but the key only has to be stack unique?
Yup, output is stack unique, export is globally unique within the same region
@Clayton you can give the output an export name like this
Yep - but it looks like output has to have an ‘export name’ value to be accessible to CDK import
Ah, cool - I’ll try that. Thanks @Frank