Hi. We're trying to automate a docker compose down...
# sst
Hi. We're trying to automate a docker compose down that stops local configs and the current running lambda at the same time. Right now we are basically running a "kill -9 <sst start process id>", but we are wondering if there is a much safer way to do that
It'd be interesting to know why you're doing it to see if there's a better approach. And where is the docker container running in relation to the lambdas?
for local development, the docker-compose up just starts a local postgres container and we start the dev lambda in a separate command, but they are not tied together, just share env variables to stablish the connection to stop all the local development, we run docker-compose down and look for the process that is running the current lambda, then we kill that process
I see, so it's for local development. You effectively need to send SIGINT which is done by using
kill -1 <procId>
My mistake, SIGINT is -2
but SIGKILL -9 would work too
I think that's your only option
thanks Ross. we will polish the script a little bit more. maybe in the future we have some
sst stop
or similar to stop the current live lambda
Do you mean you want to stop sst start or stop the child processes it spawns?
hi @thdxr. I've seen that it spawns a main process "... node_modules/.bin/sst start". That's the process I'm killing with SIGKILL -9. killing that process and starting again is working fine for us