# sst

Adrián Mouly

03/09/2022, 12:25 AM
Hey guys. We are still using Epsagon (planning to migrate in the near future). But something we noticed, is we stopped getting “database tracing” from RDS on the “timeline” view of a Lambda. Is somebody else using this feature? It was great to know how long the queries were taking and such, to monitor performance.

İsmail Eğilmez

03/09/2022, 5:57 AM
Hey Adrian, did you want to see something similar to this? can help you I believe


03/09/2022, 6:54 AM
Hey @Adrián Mouly i’m not familiar with Epsagon, but if I were to take a random guess, have u changed to using data api, and maybe that’s not being sampled?

Adrián Mouly

03/09/2022, 12:54 PM
@İsmail Eğilmez yes, this exact view is what Epsagon has… I’m planning to migrate to Thundra, but is still not decided from the leadership team. Epsagon has the exact same view, and since recently is not showing the DB connection anymore.
@Frank no, I didn’t, we use TypeORM connected to RDS, not using data-api.