Anyone stumbled upon a sst console error like this...
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Anyone stumbled upon a sst console error like this? Can't tell the exact time but it just stopped rendering the page for me today 😞
Gonna try the "Have you tried resetting your machine" route but this is an odd one
sounds like a bug on our end
where is this happening in the UI?
Whenever I try to get in the Functions tab in my stack's console (SST v0.67.0)
All the rest of them work properly but if I try to enter Functions the screen goes white and 2 errors are displayed in console, both lead to the same error decoder on react site
The only thing I changed in my stack today was adding "ow" (0.28.1) for fancier validations so I'll check a few commits back and see what happens
Yeah.. nope
@thdxr Sentry EventId containing stack trace is: 94c5f1ca923f4c57978bbf47f96c698c
yep I see it in sentry, will take a look
Leaving a note here that this is fixed.