I want to make the best graphql/prisma/sst templat...
# sst
I want to make the best graphql/prisma/sst template repo, happy to discuss what i'm building and get reviews on it https://github.com/jetbridge/sst-prisma - there are some PRs open
Thanks for sharing @Mischa Spiegelmock. Will chat with Dax about it tmr.
setting up pnpm/vitest/monorepo - https://github.com/jetbridge/sst-prisma/pull/4
need to work on the frontend part a bit but it's coming together
i'm using a similar setup for the product we're building and have users, the graphql part of it works very nicely. by defining the operations up front we can ensure end-to-end type safety and make sure that the types and queries on the frontend and backend line up perfectly
and your frontend code looks much cleaner because it generates hooks for you to use for queries/subscriptions/mutations. no need for generic apollo wrapper things or anything