7 months ago
    Feature - Augment the Slack integration to allow the “Ask a Question” shortcut to be applied to previously sent questions. The slack message body gets populated into the Description (or title) of the Ask A Question form, and the rest of the details are manually filled in. Context - I’d like to be able to retroactively capture teammates’ questions that naturally arise in conversation. question-askers don’t need to change their behavior. they can continue to badger the data custodian with rapid fire questions in slack. Then, the data custodian can apply the “ask a question” shortcut to the Slack message, answer on Secoda, and link the question-asker to Secoda with the solution. This also has the side effect of un-siloing data from Secoda. Ideally, all users go to Secoda first to RTFM, but that’s a tough sell, especially initially prior to widespread org adoption. A user may instead use the Slack search, which then points them to Secoda.
    The attached gif is an example of the ClickUp integrations
    Create a new Task
    shortcut being applied to previously sent message. Obviously the forms are different, but the functionality is the same.
    I’d be happy to contribute this feature and make a PR if the Secoda team wants to open the integration’s repo to outsiders. Let me know!


    7 months ago
    This makes sense. We haven't opened up the integrations for public contribution yet but this is something we've considered internally. I'll put this in the backlog for the time being and will update you if we can get you to contribute in some way