7 months ago
    Would love to see Airbyte as an integration! and I’m happy to help make it happen. I have a rough idea about how I’d go about implementing this from the Airbyte side of things. If anyone is already working on this, DM me 👍
    inspired by Lightdash’s new features this week - all of which can be utilized by adding a few lines of
    configuration to your existing dbt
    files -
    it seems to me like that approach could be the lowest-effort MVP for new Secoda integrations. In the case of airbyte, add a
    config block in a
    that describes the preceding step/node’s Airbyte-Source and Airbyte-Destination That block would translate to two, new static nodes in Secoda’s resource DAG. No need to grab icons or external info, or configure another integration with metadata extraction and the works. these nodes need not be ‘explorable’.