Jayant Kaul

05/25/2023, 7:30 AM
Hi all, curious to know whats the best CTR you have seen for Google Ads? I am currently seeing 15-20% CTR for one of the ads. Any idea on whats the industry best practice? I have heard of CTRs in the line of 3-4% for GAds.

Pranjal Rajawat

05/25/2023, 7:48 AM
@Jayant Kaul, it will depend on campaigns: ā€¢ For generic high-intent keywords, a CTR of 10-12% is something that you can achieve ā€¢ For the competition keywords, ā—¦ Alternative keywords are something between 7-8% something that you can easily target ā—¦ High-intent competition keywords: 5-6% is achievable I would suggest, experimenting with ad copy and also keeping an eye out on the Abs Impression share. Although online forums have mentioned 3-4% as the B2B standard but the more the merrier šŸ™‚
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