05/25/2023, 3:52 AM
Hi, Great product! I am trying to install robusta free version and have 4 questions: 1. Is
sink mandatory? this is due to InfoSec concerns 2. Is there an example for
sink? 3. The webex integration is sending back responses as text, causing messages to come as attachments; I want to try and fix it; what is the procedure to locally update, build and test (could not find details in in the cursory glance) 4. Is there any specific reason why the payload is not posted (or be configured to post) as json?

Ganesh Rathinavel

05/25/2023, 4:21 AM
1) No, robusta ui sink is not mandatory 2) You can find the webhook example here : 3) Yes, you can contribute. Here is how to get started : • 4) for further clarity could you tell us what payload are you talking about?

Ganesh Rathinavel

05/25/2023, 5:17 AM
Thanks Ashok. We will review this and get back to you
Hey Ashok, we have reviewed your query. Currently, we only support payload as plain text. If you'd like, you can create a GitHub issue, and we'll make an effort to include this feature in our webhooks.