# work-opportunities


07/17/2020, 6:39 AM
Hey, I'm looking for a CTO for my company willing to work on equity basis (25%). We're a Web Development IT and Consultancy Firm, working closely with various startups and a few products of our own (currently in development). Most of our work is in E-Commerce (Custom Solutions, not Woo-Commerce), FinTech (Automations, Analaysis and More), and RPA/BPA. P.S. Our Primary tech stack is Python, Django, DRF, VueJs, ReactJs, and NextJS. And experience with these technologies along with others such as Node, Angular, DotNet, Go, Kotlin, Swift, Flutter, React Native and Ruby would be a plus. I'll share more details on a personal chat, if anyone is interested kindly ping me over a person box. Cheers.