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04/19/2021, 11:08 PM
Hello, all. BigBinary is looking to hire UI Engineers. Job Summary We are looking for UI Engineers with experience in converting wireframes into pixel perfect UI. In most of our applications we use Ruby on Rails, React or next.js but you don’t have to know all that. We will teach you how to do UI work from within a Rails application, React application or a next.js application. If you are looking to do React work then please visit and apply for a different job position. This job position is for the folks who want to convert wireframes into html & CSS. Responsibilities • Write clean and maintainable code. • Maintain BigBinary website and neeto website. • Keep up with the changes in bootstrap and tailwind world. Requirements • Fluent in English. • 1+ year of experience in working with Bootstrap or Tailwind CSS. • Proficient in Git and GitHub. • Attention to detail. Benefits & Perks • The position is fully remote. • BigBinary has been a 100% remote company since the day it started in 2011. • Competitive salary. • No micro management. • Flat organizational structure. • Work at a sustainable pace, with realistic targets. • Encouraged to contribute to open source projects. • Participate in a culture of learning and sharing learnings. To apply for the job, please fill up this form:
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04/21/2021, 4:32 AM
I like this how it clearly mentions the primary work is converting designs to UI. Most job descriptions just throw around all the buzzwords in the description. You come to know the real job after joining.
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