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09/02/2021, 5:58 AM
Hey Everyone! Wanted to introduce you to a passion project my team and I have been working on. I am building Aroundly ( - An app to Discover and Connect with 📢Updates, 💸Offers, Events and 🎉 Experiences around us, any place we search or 🚙 heading to. What I am solving is - Today we can only connect with the happenings around us only if we follow something on social media or we are targeted through ads, or we definitely know what we want or we step out. What if we want to discover "*what all/else is going on around me?*" be it when we get into a new city or when we are stepping out with friends, and reduce effort to search multiple apps to match our party parrotvibe or ask so many friends. Right from knowing "there's a cool book cafe at " to "A 🍻 happy hour going on right now 2kms away at some📍New Pub 2kms from where we are" to "a Pani Puri guy is available at the corner" Just launched our website and opened early access to Android folks. My team and I will be launching the app very soon in the next few weeks and iterate in batches. Would love your support and feedback! 🙂
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09/02/2021, 11:59 AM
This is great! Is it community driven or will you hire to keep it updated?


09/02/2021, 4:21 PM
Imagine Instagram in terms of communication. Users post about stores/businesses/experiences (that need to be tagged). And businesses push the updates, offers and events for the users. Aroundly becomes a new medium of "discovering the local happenings". What exactly can that be called?