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12/22/2020, 11:15 AM
📣 Hey <!everyone>, Happy to announce a new deal for the RI community 🎉 More like a deal within a deal mindblown 😄 I hope this will be useful for folks who are full-time founders or who are building products on the side. Also, there are some great deals for members using no-code tools like Airtable, Bubble, Typeform, etc. Secret is the #1 perks platform for founders. Get access to big savings on 150+ deals!  Benefit from: • Up to $120,000 in AWS credits • $1,000 in Airtable credits (valid for existing clients) • $1,000 in Notion credits (valid for existing clients) • €10,000 in transactions without Stripe fees (valid for existing clients) • $1,000 in Miro credits • $1,000 in Sendgrid credits • $500 in Bubble credits • 6 months free for Typeform ... And more! Sign up for and use the promo code REMOTEINDIAN to get 30% off on any membership plan with Secret. Membership enables you to access all deals unlimited. Enjoy! Disclosure: I am not getting any kickbacks from this partnership 🙂
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