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01/20/2021, 12:20 PM
📣 <!everyone> Hey, all! Back with another deal for the RI community 😄 Many folks here are either currently working on an entrepreneurial venture, or thinking of building something / currently building something on the side 🏗️ At a certain point, it makes sense to create a company to separate personal from business, get some liability protection through your entity, and for some ventures, get access to US banking and payments in order to sell and market globally! This deal is actually from a member of our community, @icy-librarian-70729 who is building the Ultimate One-Stop-Shop to turn your dream idea into a US LLC Business, from anywhere in the world 🚀 StartPack handles the paperwork and gets you everything you need to launch, maintain and grow your dream business. • LLC Formation + an EIN (Employer Identification Number) 💼US Bank Account + Stripe/PayPal Payments 💳US Address + Utility Bill + US Phone Number 📞Free US Tax Consultation + Tax Help 📄World-Class Support via Live Chat 💬Access to $50,000+ in Perks &amp; Rewards💰 They’re currently backed by Y-Combinator and have worked with founders around the world, many from India 🇮🇳 RI community members who sign up for will get $100 off on any plan with StartPack. To redeem, DM @icy-librarian-70729 who is happy to help and can prioritize your companies formation as well 😃 Disclosure: I am not getting any kickbacks from this partnership.
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For folks who are curious why registering a company in the US makes sense, read Upekkha's guide on how an early-stage SaaS startup in India should structure its legal entity. This makes even more sense if you want to make an exit someday. Founders shouldn't have to spend time doing anything else other than building their business and the goal at StartPack is to take care of the paperwork and company admin to let founders do what they do best: build their business.
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