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02/03/2022, 10:32 AM
📣 <!here> An important update: I recently joined Pesto as Head of Community as I got an excellent opportunity to learn and grow. Further, I had accumulated a lot of life debt in trying to make RI my full-time thing, and it made sense to kill my ego 😇 The last two years of running the RI community have shown me how people can gather up and help each other as a community. Thousands of people with different skills, pros or not, help each other for no other reason than to help each other 😻 It's exciting, and the potential is obvious to see, but how do we move forward from here? That is why this is a good time to pass the baton to a new team. And this will be the primary goal of Season 0 🚀 🤔 What is a Season? A discrete period of time for members to come together to align on projects and initiatives that help us deliver on our mission, values, and goals. Objectives for each future Season must be defined up front (process TBD) and, prior to ending a Season, a retrospective must be carried out to ensure we can learn and improve (process TBD). 📝 Objectives of Season 0 (📆 31st March): - Clarify and review the mission, values, and goals of the RI community ( IMO we need some realignment ) - Build a core team comprising leaders of different guilds - Identify goals of different guilds for Season 1 - Launch the Slack Archive Viewer (searchable archive of all messages on Slack) - Move to Discord Let's keep rolling! Onward and upward
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