05/17/2018, 2:48 AM
Hey there! So, I'm still working on neo4j-graphql-binding (https://www.npmjs.com/package/neo4j-graphql-binding)! The central goal is to basically support the Prisma API by leveraging Neo4j's neo4j-graphql plugin (https://github.com/neo4j-graphql/neo4j-graphql) as much as possible while providing support for whatever in the Prisma API the plugin doesn't yet support. There was an update today to v3.3.0.2 that added support for filter arguments on generated query types! Given all that, I'm currently looking for information on the approach Prisma takes with generating the input types necessary for supporting nested mutations. So far, I've found this: https://github.com/prismagraphql/prisma/issues/1341 So I'm wondering, just to be safe: Is this pretty much what I should run with or might there be anything more recent? Also, are there some folks working on the neo4j-connector for Prisma who might want to chat about these things sometime? Thanks a lot everyone!!


05/17/2018, 7:25 AM
Hey @michael.graham, that is a really interesting idea! Yes, this issue is pretty much what you can refer to. However it is not perfectly up to date. Therefore here are some source files that may help you: 1. Our InputTypeBuilder that is responsible for generating those types. Although you might not be familiar with Scala, it will probably help you understand the rules for generating the names of the input types. https://github.com/prismagraphql/prisma/blob/master/server/servers/api/src/main/scala/com/prisma/api/schema/InputTypesBuilder.scala 2. Our test cases for the InputTypeBuilder https://github.com/prismagraphql/prisma/blob/master/server/servers/api/src/test/scala/com/prisma/api/schema/InputTypesSchemaBuilderSpec.scala
We are also happy to answer more questions 🙂