09/19/2018, 5:12 AM
Hey guys ... I'm busy looking at the possibility to convert an existing ReST API to Prisma. It seems that most of the services can be migrated over with not too much hassle. I do have question about the following features though: (1) Permissions: Is there solution for ACL/RBAC? CUrrently I have a few tables with roles and permissions, and the API builds an ACL list that gets passed to the client (use to protect certain client-side routes, show/hide some features, etc)? (2) Audit Trail: At the moment I log all actions (PUT/POST/DELETE) in an audit table. Is there a built-in auditing module in Prisma? (3) Event Sourcing: Anyone implementing event sourcing with a Prisma?
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09/19/2018, 5:21 AM
(2) You could use graphql-middleware to log values for each resolver