Hey <!everyone>! We have some pretty exciting news...
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Hey <!everyone>! We have some pretty exciting news! Based on all of your feedback, we’ve been working on a new way how to build GraphQL backends using Graphcool. graphql Today, we’re announcing the preview of the Graphcool Framework which allows you to build Graphcool services completely locally from your editor & command line. You can get started by installing the newest CLI via
npm install -g graphcool@next
. Here is the full blog post: https://blog.graph.cool/graphcool-framework-preview-ff42081b1333 We can’t wait to hear what you think! Also, it would be great to meet as of you as possible at the GraphQL Summit two weeks from now in SF. (If you don’t have your ticket yet, you can use the code
for 25% off.) P.S. This release also contains a first alpha version of a local Docker-based development environment. docker
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can you do the same stuff in both the web and cli versions?
which one should i choose if i want to try graphcool
we’re moving away from the web UI! when starting out, you should definitely use the CLI!
That’s what i thought, thanks!
here’s a quick guide to start with react+apollo on the frontend: https://docs-next.graph.cool/getting-started/react/apollo-tijghei9go
👌 sweet, already running react+apollo, it’s sooo good!
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but seeing your server solution im starting to consider it 😉
but the lock in fear is huge..
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Like, will you have LTS versions of the config or how will you handle deprecations? (of graphcool features/config)
Looks awesome - does the latest version work with the Auth0 module available through the console?
@max Take a look at https://github.com/graphcool/templates - there is a community template for Auth0 integration
@sorenbs thanks. What are the plans going forwards for the console? Is there a timeline around which it will go away?
This is incredible! Congrats!
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@schickling awesome. is the rollout of the docker-based dev environment pointing towards it eventually being possible to use the graphcool toolchain with a custom / self-hosted backend? there's some mention here, but can't find any further details. https://docs-next.graph.cool/concepts/overview/hosting-phosh3thu9#self-hosting-and-on-premise
Yes @stephenhandley - stay tuned for more!
@schickling that's great news. any idea on ETA? I'm looking to use graphcool for a project, but our company needs to host the production backend, so any further visibility would be greatly appreciated!
Expect some news by the end of this month!
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thanks @nik 🙌
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@nikolasburk As you move away from the Web UI, will the playground still be available/maintained?
@mpiroc Yes, 100%! With “Web UI”, I only referred to the “Console” for managing Graphcool projects. The Playground is independent from that 🙂
Congrats, amazing stuff!