Weird issue on deployments. Seems like the first t...
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Weird issue on deployments. Seems like the first time I run
graphcool deploy --target prod
the service deploys and builds the schema according to the .graphql file fine. The second time I run it, I get a schema validation error:
ERROR: The schema is invalid: Invalid field type definition detected. Valid field type formats: Int, Int!, [Int!], [Int!]! for example.
I have to comment out the schema, run the deploy with a --force. then rerun it again in order for the updates to go through. Anyone else experiencing this issue?
Yes, the error is a bit weird. You probably have an existing disabled function. The error indicates that a Type name is already in use.
can you please describe how to reproduce this, so we can take a look, @emre?
@emre could you share your yml file in the issue, too? 🙂
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