Hi! Could anyone help with setting up a static web...
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Hi! Could anyone help with setting up a static website (e.g. on netlify) + Graphcool auth ? https://www.graph.cool/forum/t/access-control-graphcool-netlify/1254 I'm trying to understand how I can have my frontend served by CDN without an origin server, while retaining the capability to control the access to some pages. Thanks so much 🙂
https://www.graph.cool/forum/t/access-control-graphcool-netlify/1254/2?u=divyenduz Does this help? Let me know if you have any doubts 🙂
@sdubois, we're using Netlify + Auth0 for several apps. We basically followed Auth0 React examples and everything is working as you'd expect
Thanks, I updated the forum question. I was interested in using a static site generator like Gatsby and I don't understand how to make it work in that case?