does anyone have an error `com.amazonaws.SdkClient...
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does anyone have an error
com.amazonaws.SdkClientException: Unable to execute HTTP request: graphcool-aws-services
Error: com.twitter.finagle.FailedFastException: Endpoint graphcool:60000 is marked down.
when using the local docker environment ? Cannot execute any functions 😞
I have a requestId if it can help
cc @nilan
hi, please ignore the AWS errors, they aren’t impacting the local docker workflow (although they are annoying - we’ll get rid of them eventually). the other one is more interesting: Do you have multiple local instances running, or just one? Can you PM me the output of
docker ps
by the way, request ids from your local docker setup are only persisted locally 😛
yes that’s what I was thinking but maybe tracked somewhere in the bug report tools or something like that… anyway I PM @dpetrick
Did you solve this? Running in to the same issue
Yes this is a mismatch in the application port, you can update your host in your
file to
host: '<http://localhost:60000>'
and this will fix this problem
also there is a fix on the docker image for the functions you might need to update the image with
docker pull graphcool/localfaas:latest
then run again
graphcool local up
(not sure all this is required but anyway there is some fix so that could be usefull)
Perfect, thanks @antho1404!
The main culprit is the port mapping 🙂