Hi: A couple quick checks for understanding: I'v...
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Hi: A couple quick checks for understanding: I've complete Vue.js Getting Started. Because I used "npm install -g graphcool@next" I CAN'T use the schema editor in the console Instead I MUST edit the types.graphql file and push them up to the server. (right?) Two more questions: 1) Is there/will there be a visual tool for building the schema? 2) Can I create another project through the UI, build the exact data structure I want, and export that from the schema page using the "Export Schema" link? Or does that use a different way to define the schema?
that's correct! 🙂
Anyone have a docs link handy for how to push those types.graphql changes?
Right - I've got that working - thanks! I just had the other two questions about building the schema visually elsewhere OR a parallel schema in another project and just copy/pasting the schema over. (I keep hitting enter on Slack - sorry!)
I guess copy-pasting works but you should consider learning how to write them without UI. Maybe @nilan has an example file which could get you started?
You are of course correct (sigh) 🙂