also, running the command: ``` Downloading templat...
# prisma-whats-new
also, running the command:
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Downloading template graphcool/templates/authentication/email-password from graphcool/templates ... ✔
Path /Users/peter/Projects/tallydrinks/tally-graphcool/src/email-password/ already exists. Overwriting it now.
 ▸    'ENOENT': ENOENT: no such file or directory, stat
 ▸    '/var/folders/_8/y755ywd94_l4pc8ymg8kmjh00000gn/T/cj8z5exny00004i3zkub6x38n/authentication/email-password/src'
I think the correct link is graphcool/templates/auth/email-password
And the CLI takes care of the Typescript, so no further steps needed
Thanks! I used whatever was in the README. I think this is some different error saving things into tmp