Hello, can I still purchase the old plans? I don't...
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Hello, can I still purchase the old plans? I don't wan't to host graphcool myself, and the new (shared) plans seem way more expensive. @nilan ? This is a dealbreaker for our company.
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Same here. We initially chose Graphcool because of their pricing. I just spent a month migrating our backend which we planned on deploying next month but it seems that'll be an issue now...
Well, to be honest, I also think it's quite a steep increase.
Also, the free plan is not an option, because the font in that 'Backend by Graphcool' thing is really ugly šŸ˜„
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Did I miss something? Is the pricing changed?
Also Iā€™m in this bucket. Been working on migration scripts then pricing is too much now
please reach out to support@graph.cool and we'll be able to help you out
Yeah, I think I liked the old pricing too!