hi guys, how the graph.cool is good for 1. e-comme...
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hi guys, how the graph.cool is good for 1. e-commerce shop 2. highload (1m queries per a day)
@agartha what about security
are the permissions enough to be sure I can work with money
Also I stucked with some question for this moment - I have to put some data to opengraph tags from backend, and seems I have to connect to graph.cool from my backend for one specific url. I wonder will it fast enough and is there any API to check the status fastly
thank you for webshop example, I will check the security of this stuff on weekend
The permission system is secure overall, if set up correctly. Regarding the other question, maybe you can open a forum post so others and Graphcool can respond more easily later on.
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1m queries per day is no problem at all in the Graphcool Cloud, please schedule a demo here: https://www.graph.cool/cloud/