Quick question about the pricing if anyone has a m...
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Quick question about the pricing if anyone has a minute. Is the “Database” file storage, or does it have to do with the number/size of records in the database?
I have a project that’s only about 3,000 records, and the database utilization is saying 0%. When I export the project, it’s 328 KB zipped and 2.8 MB unzipped. Could it being showing 0 MB/250 MB because it’s rounding 328 KB down to 0 MB?
I know there are some issues with how the current usage is shown.
But 'Database' is just the amount of data in the database, in your case 2.8 MB. File storage is no longer mentioned, because it will be phased out (as far as I know).
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Well, the JSON is 2.8 MB, so your database size will be slightly smaller due to JSON overhead with a gazillion brackets 😄
Woah wait, file storage is being phased out?
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Ok cool thank you @agartha!
Also, if I were to price out a private cluster, how would I map each service to Amazon? I know function calls would be AWS Lambda, but I’m not sure how to account for the database, requests, and max connections
why is file storage being phased out? What will be the new best practice for file storage in a graphql DB?
I think best practice would be to store the url’s of the images, either directly on the entity type or creating a new type with a relation (i.e. SomeTypePhotos), using a service like Cloudinary or Filestack, or rolling your own on S3
The file service will continue to exist, we're revisting it for the local and shared clusters at a later point though as it has a lot of limitations currently
Thanks @Nilan - that’s really helpful to hear.