Anyone else has problem with updating functions vi...
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Anyone else has problem with updating functions via web console? They don't want to save. When you change code and click test run old version of code is executed without recent changes?
That usually happens when you have a syntax error in your function code...
I will look into the code, thx
I've got situation where adding console.log statement is not reflected in logs. looks like code is not refreshed
If you can succesfully save, the code is updated. If the save hangs, then the code cannot be saved, and the test run will keep running the last succesfully compiled version of your code.
Or maybe import is the problem?
I can't use es6 language features in graphcool functions?
you have to specify
'use latest'
on the first line to use ES6 features
Unless that has changed...
@nilan Are inline functions in the console in legacy projects still running on the old function runtime, or did they also move to AWS? If so, what's supported in those functions (ES6+ etc.)?
Hmm I've added 'use latest' and still after adding line
import {fromEvent} from 'graphcool-lib'
code is not updated
Had to change that line to use require
Node 4.8.4?
Really not sure at the moment, hence my question to Nilan. ^^
That's what is displaying. BTW thanks for that, I've read your post on the forum
lol. I meant yes, they are still running in the old runtime.