I'm following the user-email auth guide (<https://...
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I'm following the user-email auth guide (https://www.graph.cool/docs/tutorials/auth/authentication-with-email-and-password-for-react-and-apollo-cu3jah9ech). The output
, and
files are all typescript. Are we expected to learn and use typescript if we want to use this approach, or am I missing some option of how to download javascript only versions?
there are no JS versions as of now, would you be interested in providing one? 🙂
I'd be happy to do it if I were skilled enough. I'm a new developer and still rely on guides to make stuff. You guys have great documentation which really helps, but I'm not sure I can even roll my own auth, let alone have it be the official js one.
I was looking at Github and it looks like the email-password strategy use to be js, but was converted to ts. Do you have any idea if the old js one was working, or why it got converted?
good point, forgot about this
it was removed to have unified TS examples
feel free to use them