I was looking at working with Puppeteer for ui aut...
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I was looking at working with Puppeteer for ui automation but stumbled across chromeless. I am looking at creating a bunch of automation tests that I want to run in parallel and can do this in AWS. Chromeless mentions "Run 1000s of browser integration tests in parallel" but I couldn't find an example of this anywhere? Is there a guide/template/blog that shows multiple chromeless scripts being run in parallel?
from the serverless directory get the example working https://github.com/graphcool/chromeless/blob/master/examples/twitter.js
You can use this to expand upon your test logic easily https://www.snaptest.io/doc/getting-started
We ripped just the launch commands out of Goad.io to launch containers at scale rapidly .. but you can use any lambda distribution mechanic in serverless