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return {
            data: {
This is what the logs say
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"error": "Function returned invalid status code: 0. Raw body: {\"logs\":[{\"stdout\":\"\"},{\"stderr\":\"\"},{\"error\":\"\"}],\"response\":{\"data\":{\"createdUserId\":\"cj9tqghxr02nx01569orwssfp\"}}}"
it's a valid value, and it's what the mutation expects as a response
@nilan what am I doing wrong?
all my code runs just fine
It's extremely convoluted to debug stuff in graphcool
There's no way to output objects in a clean way that's easy to read so you just end up with tons of garbage in the graphcool logs that you have to JSON.stringify() and dig through either by copy/pasting into your browser to do a JSON.parse()
It's about as painful a debug process as you can get
sad but true
so whats the schema for that fn?
I have to deploy, run the mutation in the playground, wait, run graphcool logs, copy the output, open the browser console, type
and paste it in and then click through in the browser console to see the object
It's horrible
it's one of my functions
well, it isn’t 1.0 release yet, i hope things will get better with time
for some reason when it's commented out, no problem
but it's actually working so i haven't got a clue what the problem is
But whatever is wrong, and I am having a HORRIBLE time trying to debug it with's extremely difficult debugging process, it's eluding me
well, there isnt much alternatives anyway :S
Yeah it's a bummer
I figured out my issue - it was a Promise that wasn't being waited on properly
oh 🙂
Hard to know that was the issue with that error message
I am very new to GC; but maybe
gc invoke-local
could’ve helped you skipping the deploy/test-in-playground part?
At least I was hoping it does that kind of thing, for my future testing
I don't see invoke-local in the documentation for graphcool-cli, but I do see it when I type
graphcool -help
There's no way around it. You have to deploy to your local environment.
I'm not deploying to a remove server. It's all local development.
The reason I have to deploy is that there is no "watch" functionality where it will automatically deploy when you save (hot loading).