Anybody get the graphcool framework resolvers to w...
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Anybody get the graphcool framework resolvers to work with a windows machine? I keep getting a code: 5000 error for even the hello.js/.graphql in the tutorial... But the models and CRUD api are functional. Found the fix for anyone who seaches slack: ...In Windows the yml file cannot find the files if they are not in the same folder (even in 0.9.1). See end of this post: FIX: Move all resolver functions to the same folder as yml file.
I did the fix for Windows, but somehow it wasn't deployed correctly in 0.9.1
You can do the fix manually in your global node_modules folder for now until they fix the release. It's only 12 characters 😄
@brad.barnes please get version
and try again. see for more information
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Awesome! It appears to have worked. Thank you all😀 so much, I love the new framework!
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