Is the algolia implementation for the new graphcoo...
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Is the algolia implementation for the new graphcool framework really live? I’ve been trying to make it work and I am nearing the conclusion that it is dependent on some logic that is not exposed yet. Previously when you would set it up through the web interface you could select the model you want to port to algolia and setup queries to query algolia on. All the article and documentation about setting up algolia is geared toward subscriptions with nothing related to porting existing data. Are web integration a thing of the past or are they just not ready yet in the new framework?
In short, they are a thing of the past. However, your question for a migration path for an existing Algolia integration makes complete sense. Could you create an issue for that on Github?
@agartha Yeah I can create an issue for it on github
Is it still supported for customers on the shared cloud cluster?