I am having some problems implementing github auth...
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I am having some problems implementing github authorization. I am a little stuck. Can anyone answer this question: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/47321158/github-login-with-graphcool
In the readme for that template, there's a link of how to set up the Github side: https://github.com/graphcool/templates/tree/master/auth/github#3-setup-github-credentials
And for future reference, you have a much bigger chance on https://graph.cool/forum than on SO for Graphcool related questions.
I used the Readme to get as far as I got. I also added localhost:8000, but that doesn’t make sense to me. I can create a new user and add the github name, but I do not get authorized
I also don’t understand how the github popup authorization occurs. It doesn’t happen from the playground.
Typically I would obtain a token from github after I direct the user to their popup. I’m trying to understand how that process works here
Did you actually read the link I sent. In the same topic you have this page that explains the client side process: https://developer.github.com/apps/building-integrations/setting-up-and-registering-oauth-apps/about-authorization-options-for-oauth-apps/
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