Right, so, multi-stage deployment. I am struggling...
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Right, so, multi-stage deployment. I am struggling to figure out how GC really looks at this. Is it done just via deploying the same service to different targets? Also, what’s a target really? If I have prod and dev as targets, both being deployed to the same region, I have to deploy the same service with different names for each target. Finally, my idea of multistage deployment is that I can also branch off inheriting all the data as well (database, asset files, etc.), and I can sync the data from one stage to another. If I merely deploy the same service to another target/name, I have then to take care of importing data myself. Sorry for the long query 🙂
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There's an FR for disconnecting the database from the service, that would give you exactly that behavior.
Can you see if that fits in with your use case, and add your feedback there?
sure, reading now
what’s the proxy layer concept you mention in the FR?
Proxy Layer was the old terminology for API Gateway
I have updated the FR
Ha, now it makes more sense 🙂
Thanks. I’ll comment asap
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