yep. That's it :slightly_smiling_face: thanks agai...
# prisma-whats-new
yep. That's it 🙂 thanks again!
Let me know if you have questions, it's somewhat fresh in my mind.
Good. same page! Any value in leaving the project as it stands and creating a new Graphcool service and... migrating the data structures instead?
I'm assuming then all the endpoints would need to be updated. But we're currently in dev, so I wonder if there's value in retaining the legacy project for any reason.
Ya I personally flipped back and forth on that. But my app is pretty early on, so I decided just to migrate. You could also clone the app, and then upgrade the clone.
I like that idea. I just like the feeling of having something I can go back to if I mangle the migration. But cloning and migrating there makes sense. Once everything looks good I can just delete the legacy project.
good idea. thanks!
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