I've just watched the video and I'm feeling a bit ...
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I've just watched the video and I'm feeling a bit lost. What I loved about graphcool was the abstraction from the backend. In the video you're showing the code for each query and resolver. With 1.0, do we have to worry about them or will they be created automatically like the old version? Maybe I'm confusing it with the framework? Sorry, I'm quite new to this project!
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I just read the Medium articel: https://blog.graph.cool/graphql-databases-a-preview-into-the-future-of-graphcool-c1d4981383d9 And there it says there, that you define the datamodel in
(very much like the types.graphql now) and then the
is auto-generated. you can also read https://www.graph.cool/docs/1.0/reference/graphql-api/database-schema-(generated)-ahtae1eewu The nice thing about this is, that you can see what querys and mutations will be possible, based on your type definitions, and you don’t have to look it up in the playground.
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Thanks, I should read this article!
I addressed your question in a common question here: https://www.graph.cool/forum/t/developer-preview-graphcool-1-0-beta/1891?u=nilan πŸ™‚
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