Hello, I would like to use File Management from Gr...
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Hello, I would like to use File Management from Graphcool API as a convenient way to use with my Graphcool database. But it seems it's in a very basic stage at the moment and would like more info about it. Is it possible to temporarily send files to the server before save them in database? For example, when a user follow a form (let's say edit its profil) with an upload field for its avatar. The main idea would be to upload the image, display a preview of it in the form and give additional options to crop it for example. Then when the user Submit the form - and only if he submit it - the system store the file into database. In all others cases, the temporary uploaded file is automatically deleted (with no database record). For example: - if user, finally, do not submit the form - Or if the user, after uploading a first image, decide to change the image by another one during the process, the previously one will not be recorded in database and automatically deleted.
Why do you need to upload it during form editing?
Maybe i've a lack of understanding, but for example, to have a preview of the image with a downloading control bar, before choosing to store it in database
That give to the user the control of how it looks in the context, and give him possibility to edit or change the image if it doesn't fit his need.
@Jonas you could just load the file into memory on the client side and display it there. Then give the user the option to upload it if they are happy with it
that's what I do
Thanks for your answers @max @agartha It's more clear now. I didn't know this soo simple possibility.
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