hi everyone, could someone explain the difference ...
# prisma-whats-new
hi everyone, could someone explain the difference between prisma and graphcool-framework
Normally, the team must share the info very soon 😉
thank you
Hey @rwatts3 We’ll release a blog post pretty soon. Prisma is a major rewrite of the core technology powering Graphcool. You can think of Prisma as the query engine powering the Graphcool Framework. Today Prisma can be used stand alone as a GraphQL database layer in combination with GraphQL Binding. Later we will change the Graphcool Framework to use Prisma as the query engine. A lot of work has gone into this, and I am really looking forward for more people to try it out.
this is awesome news thank you for the clarification. in part I have two questions which you may have already planned to answer in the blog post. 1. it is safe to assume that prisma and graphcool-framework are two separate entities ... prisma is not replacing graphcool-framework they will exist side by side. and 2. Can any database be used under prisma. For example, if a company already has a database with tables etc. in place, would said company use Prisma over top of that database and write the schema. Examples. MySql , SQL Server, and even Dgraph (saw a ticket in the issues relating to dgraph)